I had a message from a 419, This lucky day is mine, all mine…

Everyone knows about the 419 scam. Well. Almost everyone.

You know, the “I am TRIEENTA UNSTALE UBUNTU of teh (sic) NIGERIAN FIRST NATIONAL BANK and would write you this day to speak of a business proposal” one. Promises of millions. You just send $1000 by Western Union blah blah.

Mike Berry’s book “Greetings in Jesus Name” is a wonderful saga of playing these buggers at their own game, and his site, http://www.419eater.com/ should be mandatory reading for first time net users.

So I was digesting The ‘diff’s freecycle, well, digest today and ran across this suspect package:

————————————8< ------------------------------------------------- Wanted Laptop for Doctor in Nigera Posted by: (removed) Wed May 23, 2007 10:06 am (PST) Hi I exchange regular emails with a Doctor in Nigeria. He is only able to access the internet from a cyber- cafe; a cyber cafe that attracts many perpetrators of the scams known as 419 - and which is often raided by the police. His name is Dr. Ola and he desperately wants to have his own laptop, so he is not dependent on the cyber-cafe to send and receive his emails and to do his work. He is also under considerable threat to his life because of his work/association with the Nigerian Economic and Finance Crimes Commission, whose main purpose is to stop the spammers sending out hoax emails - and which has given Nigeria such a bad name throughout the Internet world. If anyone has a laptop that works reasonably well - and has its own internal modem - I would be so very grateful. I can arrange to collect it very easily (I live near Blackwood). I have told Dr Ola all about this freecycle mailing list and I promised him that I would post a message to see if anyone can help. Many thanks Warmest Regards (removed) ----------------------------------------8<-------------------------- Could this be a sign of a new "reverse proxy 419" or am I buying in to the stereo-hype? (edit) - After reading a bit more after posting this, I ran across this gem. (C) http://www.419eater.com/

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