“I’m afraid the staff have absconded sir…”

Tom Baker reading out text messages was a genius idea. Having a roboticised version of a cult figure reading out silly haikus to random numbers from the phone book was so much fun.

So its not surprising that we now see other celebrity voice-derived products.

http://voco.uk.com/ have possibly the best yet. Stephen Fry coaxing you gently from slumber in his finests Jeeves and Wooster tones.

Who else can step forward and be immortalised in tacky gadgetry?

Answers on a postcard…

One thought on ““I’m afraid the staff have absconded sir…”

  1. charlfoo says:

    I’m still looking for a Teasmaid that actually works/ doesn’t burn the house down.
    Except filled with vodk. Or maybe one that makes spliffs and bacon sandwitches in a comical ACME machine manner.

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