The King’s Army

Yesterday, I was walking through Trafalgar Square and noticed the statue of Charles I had a battered wreath hanging from the plinth. Intrigued, I turned over the laminated card dangling from what was left of the green frame:

“We remember our martyred King.”
The King’s Army

No photo yet, though I’ll try to snap one next time I’m there.

After some research, it seems that the English Civil War Re-enactment Society placed the wreath, but for a moment or three, life began to feel like a scene in a Thomas Pynchon novel. What was this “army”, and why were they still remembering a king dead for 350 years, and of questionable worth in the first place? What were they going to do about their “martyred king”? Why had they turned the card around?


With that in mind, I am hereby founding the Society for the Pynchonisation of Life (SPynL), with the stated aim of spreading ambiguous pseudo-evidence for the semi-believable. Dissemination will begin shortly.